Facts, not fluff, about Roving

Our Mauch Chunky Roving is one of our most versatile offerings - it can be used for handspinning, wet felted or needle felted to create shapes and solid fabrics, added to a weaving project as an accent, and it also is the prepared fiber that we spin into Mauch Chunky yarn. This 100% US wool fiber does it all! Today, we round up several project ideas and tutorials for Mauch Chunky Roving to inspire you to take a stab at a new project!

Wet Felting with Mauch Chunky Roving

Wet felting involves hot water and agitation to force the fibers together to make a solid fabric. Erica used bits of Mauch Chunky Roving to wet felt a beautiful Felted Wool Ball Jewelry set. You could also use this technique to create garland strands! Our roving sets contain eight colors per set, perfect for items like this.

Felted Beach Rocks Rug

Laura shared this in our Facebook Group and we had to share! She made this rug as a wedding gift with Mauch Chunky Roving in Blueberry Ice and Blue Lagoon. Each of the 93 “beach rocks” are wet felted, sewn together, and attached to a sturdy webbed backing to create a rug that measures approximately 23" x 28".

Needle-Felting with Mauch Chunky Roving

Handmade by Stefanie Ornaments

Needle felting involves stabbing the fibers repeatedly to tangle the fibers together with a barbed needle. Stefanie used Mauch Chunky Roving with cookie cutters to make several needle felted ornaments. What a great idea and a quick weekend project! Her blog post includes a straightforward tutorial with lots of handy tips. Click here to read her DIY Needle Felted Ornaments post.

Create a Dreamcatcher

Dream Catcher Steps

Here at Kraemer Yarns, Sharon took roving from the Irish Pub sampler to wrap around a plain embroidery hoop. Next, she took thread to string back and forth inside the hoop. Sharon free-handed her needle felted feathers, but you could use a cookie cutter shape to guide you. Voila! It’s a quick and easy craft that results in a great wall hanging for your home.

Share your fabulous felting projects, tips, and tricks with us and inspire others! Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram so we can share in your project success!

Felting with Mauch Chunky Roving

Beth Aidala

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