Spa Day Soap Sack Tips

Spa Day Soap Sack Tips

We are super excited about the positive response to our new kit, the Spa Day Soap Sack, available to crochet or knit! Soap sacks hold your bar of soap, amplify the soap's lather, and act as a washcloth all in one. The textured stitches exfoliate your skin and there will be no more soap sticking to the side of your tub.

These are quick and easy gifts to have on hand for every occasion, holiday, birthday, or care package. Pick up a few artisan soaps to pair with your hand knit/crochet soap sack for a unique and practical gift! Who couldn't use a little spa love? Each kit comes with the pattern and a skein of Tatamy Worsted, our cotton and acrylic blend. It’s machine-washable and dryer friendly. There are 25 colors from which to choose - pick something to coordinate with your bathroom or go with a favorite color. 

Tip #1: As they say, your mileage may vary, due to differences in gauge from knitter to knitter or crocheter to crocheter, but we are confident you can make two from one skein of yarn! How can you check this? When you finish the first soap sack, weigh it, then weigh the yarn you have leftover. If the yarn leftover is equal to or greater than the soap sack, you’ll have enough yarn to make another! In the sample shown above, the knit soap sack weighs 23 grams, and the remaining yarn weighs 86 grams. We could make three more! Keep in mind, this may change depending on the size of the soap you wish to put in the sack. Each pattern is easy to modify to make it wider or taller. 

Tip #2: Before starting the eyelet rounds, check to make sure your soap will fit! Here, we’ve crocheted the body of the soap sack to the length instructed in the pattern. The size is just right for the circle shaped soap and the striped rectangle, but needs to be a little taller for the narrow rectangle bar. Know that it is ok for the sack to be wider than the soap - it will help to build up the lather!

Tip #3: Thread, ribbon,i-cord, a crochet chain, a or even a braid of yarn can be used for the drawstring but we like using yarn to make a twisted cord. Start by cutting a long piece of yarn - a little more than twice your armlength should do it. Fold it in half, loop it over your finger or a doorknob, and twist it with the opposite hand. Twist until you feel it cannot twist anymore, then allow it to fold in on itself. Make a small knot in the end and thread it through the eyelets. 

We do recommend that you remove the bar of soap after use and hanging the sack to dry. This will keep your soap longer, as moisture will not be held against it in between use which can make it mushy. Remember how we said you could make more than one from a skein? We encourage you to do so, one can be in the wash with your towels and the other is fresh and ready to go! This is a great pattern for using up your leftovers of Tatamy yarn, you could easily colorblock or stripe the soap sacks by adding in another color.

The artisan soaps shown in our Spa Day Soap Sack photos on are available from Her soaps are so rich and creamy, made with intoxicating fragrances and high quality ingredients. We absolutely recommend KellyAnn's soaps! Additional soaps photographed here are from Sappo Hill (circle), Indigo Wild Zum Bar (striped rectangle), and Herb Garden Naturals (tall rectangle).

If you’re looking to build your skill set in the new year, consider these Spa Day Soap Sacks! They are great for beginners as well as advanced makers when you need a quick project for instant gratification! We’d love to see your projects and encourage you to share them with us on Facebook or Instagram


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