Valhalla Cowl in Mauch Chunky Yarn from Kraemer Yarns

After spending most of last month working on a top secret test knitting project, it feels like forever since I've gotten to share a finished knit on here. I have an uncomfortable (for me) amount of WIPs currently on the needles at the moment, and my hope is to spend November fixing that problem so that I can start some new & exciting projects over the holiday break next month.

Back in September, I was sent some yarn for review from the generous folks at Kraemer Yarns, who have provided yarn and fiber for several reviews over the past few years, such as July's needle felted ornament tutorial, the Knit for Baby sweater kit review from this past Spring, and a solar yarn dyeing tutorial from 2016.

Each time, I've been impressed with the products they send me, which are all beautifully made at their mill in Nazareth, Pennsylvania using domestically-sourced fibers. After working with the Mauch Roving for the needle felting tutorial (and also carding the leftover fiber into batts and spinning with them!), I was excited to try the yarny counterpart to the Mauch line, and the idea of an instant-gratification project was pretty irresistible.
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Beth Aidala

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