Saucon Sock Twist V-Neck Sweater KnitFit™ Kit


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Saucon Sock is a cotton, acrylic, and nylon blend perfect for year round socks. It comes in many bright, vibrant colors with more on the way! Although it is designed specifically for socks, Saucon Sock can be used for a variety of other garments like baby sweaters, scarves, and summer tops. Whether you are looking for a cool washable sock yarn or even if you just have an allergy to wool, Saucon Sock is a beautiful no-wool yarn that will hold its shape. Made in the U.S.A.

44% Cotton
43% Acrylic
13% Nylon

3.5 oz. / 100 Grams
approximately 430 Yards

U.S. Needle #2
7.5 stitches = 1”
30 stitches = 4”

Machine Wash - Tumble Dry

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