How to Attach Sleeves on a Sweater Ornament

A chunky, turtleneck sweater is such a classic image around the holidays, right? A scaled down version of this iconic design is quick and easy with our Christmas Sweater Ornament Kit. The kid includes Stephanie Boozer’s pattern and three skeins of Mauch Chunky. Small amounts of chunky weight yarn like Perfection Chunky are a great choice as well, making this a great stash buster project! Click here to purchase the Christmas Sweater Ornament pattern and use it with the yarns in your stash.

Mauch Chunky Yarn

Big Yarn, Little Sweaters

Don’t be intimidated by these wee sweaters; they measure 4.5” tall when complete. The pattern involves working in the round on double pointed needles (dpns) with a small number of stitches. Knitters with some experience knitting in the round will do just fine! You will find they work up quickly and are easy to customize. By our estimation, one Christmas Ornament Sweater kit will make one dozen sweaters - at that is just using one color per sweater! Today we’d like take you through the trickiest part of the pattern, attaching the sleeves to the body.

Three knit sweater ornaments

Attaching The Sleeves

The sweater is knit in pieces and you start by making the two sleeves, then the body.

Step 1 knit the sleeves

Begin knitting the indicated number of stitches from the body, then knit the first half of the stitches from sleeve #1.

Next, you’ll knit the remaining stitches of sleeve #1, the body stitches, and the first set of stitches from sleeve #2. With an empty needle you’ll knit the remaining stitches of sleeve #2 and the body stitches to the end of the round.

Now it’s looking more like a sweater! Continue on, following the directions for the raglan decreases.

Work the ribbing for the neck and voila! You’ve just knit a sweater!

Make It Personal

When the knitting is complete and the ends are woven in,  it’s ready to add to your tree!

If you’d like to dress up the sweater, the pattern includes a few basic embroidery instructions to get you started. Take care when embroidering with Mauch Chunky, as the yarn is a single-ply. Pulling too hard working the embroidery stitches may cause it to come apart.

If embroidery is not your cup of tea, try duplicate stitch to add an initial or design (click here for a great Duplicate Stitch Tutorial from Very Pink Knits). Another very easy option is to sew a decorative button or bead to the front!

More Than Just An Ornament!

Whether you make 1 or 100 little sweaters, you’ll find there are so many possible ways to use them! A few ideas we’ve had:

  • String them together to make garland
  • Use them as gift tags on a present
  • Use them as placecards at the holiday dinner table
  • Attach one to a keychain
  • Warm up your Elf on the Shelf

Show Off Your Sweaters!

We’d love to see the Christmas Sweater Ornaments you make and hope you will share them with us on your favorite social channel! You can connect with us on Facebook, Ravelry, in our Facebook Group and on Instagram. Enjoy making them with your knit night group, while binging on Christmas movies, and of course, using them to decorate!

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How to attach sleeves on a sweater ornament.

Beth Aidala

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