Short Row Tutorial featuring the Tobyhanna Creek Cowl

Short Row Tutorial featuring the Tobyhanna Creek Cowl

The Tobyhanna Creek Cowl is a new design for Kraemer Yarns by Clara Masessa. You’ll need two skeins of Perfection Chunky, size US 10.5 needles, five 1-inch buttons, and one ½-inch button. This project is suitable for an intermediate knitter or advanced beginner as the pattern includes cables and short rows. Neither technique is difficult, just take it one stitch at a time!

Short Rows Explained

So, what is a short row? The simplest explanation is that you turn your work before you get to the end of the row, then work in the other direction. There are many different variations of short rows and which style you work depends on the desired shape and fabric of the finished item. Short rows are used in sock heels, sleeve caps, and some hats. For the Tobyhanna Creek Cowl, short rows help to contour a curved edge so it sits just right around your neck and shoulders.

Short Rows in the Tobyhanna Creek Cowl

In the Tobyhanna Creek Cowl, you do not begin with the short rows. The first part of the pattern is simple knitting garter stitch with a center cable until you reach the designated length.

When it is time to start working the short rows on the specified rows, the markers you placed to set the cable stitches apart come in handy. Begin by knitting to one stitch before the first marker.

Turn the work (the right side of the work is now facing you), and follow the Short Row instruction to make the yarn over and knit to the end of the row. We are using the yarn over style of short rows and the yarn over is used in the next row to close up the gap that results when you turn your work. In the photo above we’ve exaggerated the gap to make it easier to see.

We are at the edge of our knitting with the wrong side facing. You’ll continue to follow the directions to complete the short row.

Now, back on the right side of the work, the short row is complete! The gap created from turning your work is closed. After a number of short rows are knit you can see the subtle curve emerging in your rectangular piece of knitting.

This diagram, from The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt, shows how repeating a short row pattern will create a curved fabric.

Once all the short-row knitting section is knit to the required length, you continue knitting the following the pattern instructions to complete your cowl.

Short rows are a subtle detail that results in a better fitting accessory. We’d love to see your completed cowl and other short row projects that use Kraemer Yarns. Share them with us in our Facebook and Ravelry groups, or tag us on Instagram!

We hope you’ve found this tutorial useful! Pin it so you’ll have a handy reference!  

Beth Aidala

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